European car insurance policies range in what they offer. Some offer a minimal level of cover while others are comprehensive. It’s important to make sure you’re not tempted to choose the cheapest as this could prove to be a false economy that might leave you vulnerable in the event of a claim. The minimum level of insurance needed to drive on the Continent is a motor insurance certificate or ‘green card.’ But this is very basic and, in some countries, it would provide even less protection than third party car insurance cover does in the UK. However, there are more extensive policies available that will provide the same protection as fully comprehensive car insurance in the UK. This sort of cover would not only afford you protection against a greater range of eventualities but would also give you peace of mind. Landlords have found themselves on the end of a ‘scale of restriction’ over the past couple of months. There was the additional 3% surcharge on Stamp Duty, the cuts on landlords’ tax relief, and now the Bank of England has proposed that they should face new limits on the amount that they can borrow.

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