Seven Health Effects for Wearing Tight Clothes (too tight clothes), ladies #2 is very dangerous

1. Tingling Thigh Syndrome Although rarely permanent, individuals who wear their jeans too tight can experience nerve problems called meralgia paresthetica

2. Yeast Infection: When women’s pubic areas are kept tightly under wraps, the area becomes very warm and moist.

3. Back Pain: When pants are too tight, and are low riding, this can cause nerve compression in the back (similar to the thigh problem above).

4. Fainting: Although the corset isn’t as popular as it used to be; tight, constricting clothing can restrict our ability to fully expand our lungs…making our breathing shallow, decreasing our oxygen intake.  Clothes that may fall into this category include: wedding undergarments, bustiers, and spandex

5. Acid Reflux/Heartburn: Tight pressure against your stomach can increase abdominal pressure, causing acid to go back into your esophagus, resulting in heart burn and acid reflux.

6.  Abdominal Pain/Constipation: Tight pants can slow down the digestive process.

7. Headaches/Blurred Vision: Wearing button down shirts that are too tight in the collar or ties that are

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