Welcome to the Ultimate Adults Only Freaky Friday Party, Where Everything Goes

Freaky Friday is tonight's CBD theme as Sky World Lounge come up with yet another cray cray party!

Known for it's upbeat parties, all roads will be leading to the only place you can find a potent mix of wild adult fun, great entertainment and crazy offers on the drinks... Come join hundreds of cool people dancing the weekend away at the moist awaited party.
rough most of the night Video mixing the best of local and international, spanking new and classic hits to keep you on your feet all night long courtesy of Dj KaySwitch. It will be an intimate luxury VIP night filled with a wide selection of unique cocktails and premium brands served by perfectly polished team of beautiful hostesses.
Local beers @ 200, Buy Skyy Vodka 750 ml and get 2 Reď Bulls Free.
Skyworld Lounge is located on Tom Mboya Street.

This is the place to be, so make a date and experience a night like no other.

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