Leaked WhatsApp: Woman Begs bae’s best friend for sex

What are women turning into in this 21st century? Can’t they just can’t stick to one partner? Or is it some unexplained evolution – not to be mistaken for ovulation?
A quick perusal at a dictionary defines loyalty as being faithful or devoted to someone or something. It can also be taken to mean “having somebody’s back.” But if what is happening these days is anything to go by, women are generally turning into the exact opposite of the word.
If they’re not hanging around clubs in search of sponsors, while you are out there toiling to give them the best, they’re busy hunting for your buddies.
“Who run the world, girls…” Pop diva Beyonce once sang. And for sure they do. They’ve been doing it since the days of Garden of Eden.
With that said, a feeling I believe is backed by thousands of men out there, if not millions, a story is spreading faster than bush fire of a Kenyan woman whose WhatsApp chats between her and a neighbour leaked.
In the conversation, the woman is begging the man – who also happens to be her lover’s friend – to go to her house for a quickie. The excuse? She is very horny and needs some pounding.
According to her, her bae had gone to church and that she was about to explode with bodily needs. She also told the man all she needed was just “one shot’.
But it doesn’t end there, Devlina also sends a steamy nude photo just to drive her point home. Naturally, the man seems reluctant at first but quickly succumbs to temptations.

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